About us

WE BEEN DIFFERENT is a brand that gives you the opportunity to express yourself and share your story as only you can. Embrace your differences, share your differences, explore the differences of others, appreciate each persons differences. It is by design that WE BEEN DIFFERENT!

WE - You and yours, the village that raised you, your community, your family, your mentor, whoever helped you through your journey in life or inspired you. We all have a circle or support system no matter if its's one person or a million it's your WE.

BEEN - Been defines an identity. Each person is fearfully and wonderfully made, inspired and developed by your "WE" . No matter what you have been through, your core values, morals, and faith have been shaped and molded, yet your heart and soul have remained the same that's the BEEN in your journey.

DIFFERENT -  Your journey is like no other. Your journey is what sets you apart from others. You are distinctly, expressly, uniquely, and unapologetically DIFFERENT.